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Gardner Bug Chain

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Anti-Rust Chains for the Bug Indicators.

15cm – A great all round length chain – as supplied with most Bug Indicators – suitable for most angling situations.

30cm – These versatile long chains offer greater movement of the indicator, helpful if you are fishing semi slack lines for liners that would indicate the presence of fish moving through or feeding in your swim.

Short (2.5cm) – These new 2.5cm chains are ideal for fishing slack lines essential for methods such as the Chod Rig as they support the weight of the bug or indicator head with a short drop.
They work superbly mounted on a Bug Angle with either Micro Bugs and small Lazy Bugs on ATT heads as they eject before the clip can interfere with the roller wheel turning.

  • Manufactured from plated stainless steel for strength and longevity.
  • Avoid bending ball chain links.
  • Available in either 15cm, 30cm or Short (4.5cm) lengths.
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2,5 см, 15см, 30см

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