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Century C2 MK2

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The Century C2 when first launched was quickly respected among carp anglers throughout Europe due to its benchmark setting; light weight, balance, fish playing characteristics and the latest carbon technology features. Century launched the original C2 as the next step on the development ladder to maintain our tradition of bringing out cult rods such as the Armalite and NG which are cherished and respected by owners over a lifetime of angling. Firmly planted in the market the C2 rods are set to continue that tradition and we are sure the C2 will stand the test of another 30+ years.

This new update to the C2 range still works from the original C2 design concept but now bringing cosmetics and additional blank test curves upto date with current carp angler needs. We have introduced a new Century custom carbon reelseat which has incredible looks thanks to the matt black metal hoods and lock rings. The handle has been changed to a full shrink handle which is both durable and brilliant looking while sat on the bank. The discreetly printed new Century C2 black logos on the blank and black butt cap will have your friends admiring the rods and quizzing you about how they perform in advance of their own purchase.

10′ 3.00lb and 10′ 3.50lb
Century have introduced 2x completely new 10’ models which are available on a slim low diameter mandrel in 10’ 3.00lb and 10’ 3.50lb test curves. These rods make travel and mobility easy, fit into tight swims with low overhanging trees, stalking use, ideal for use with boats and a whole range of other capabilities. Identical matching build cosmetics to the other main bigger 12’ models these new 10’ models can be used on their own or can be a 2nd smaller set of rods to give extra angling options than just owning a 12’ and 13’ rod sets. Fitted with size 40-12 guides as standard.

12′ 3.00lb and 12′ 3.25lb
The latest 12’ 3.00lb and 12’ 3.25lb models closely follow the cherished playing actions of the previous 12’ 3.25lb and 12’ 3.50lb models. With the new full length 1k-1k carbon to the top of the tip and the slight adjustment in action expectation of a modern carp rod the test curves have been revised down ¼lb so that the new C2 models become 12’ 3.00lb and 12’ 3.25lb. The 3.00lb model we would recommend to smaller lakes, rivers/canals or with a boat on a larger lake. The 3.25lb with a slightly larger blank diameter than the 3.00lb can benefit anglers looking to cast slightly heavier 3.50 oz leads and deliver a bit of extra distance on both small and medium size lakes while still maintaining the famed C2 playing action. Fitted with size 40-12 guides on the 12’ 3.00lb and size 50-16 guides on the 12’ 3.25lb.

12′ 3.50lb
The 12’ 3.50lb brings a completely new blank design and action to the C2 range as part of the rod series relaunch. Its introduction provides more of an allround capability in that the casting performance is higher than previous C2 12’ models and so can cover both medium and larger lakes and suits leads in the 3-4oz range and small PVA bags. Fitted with size 50-16 guides as standard.

13′ 3.50lb
The new 13’ 3.50lb very closely represents the action and power of the previous 13’ 3.50lb. Anglers across Europe said this model already worked and was what they expected for an all-round 13’ rod. Venues with rocky line destroying ground where tip height is important or casters that prefer the easier to deliver distance that a 13’ rod gives will continue to choose this model and benefit from the latest C2 cosmetic updates we have fitted. Fitted with size 50-16 guides as standard.

External Specifications

  • Wide choice of models available to suit any requirement – C2 10’ 3.00lb, 10’ 3.50lb, 12’ 3.00lb, 12’ 3.25lb, 12’ 3.50lb, 13’ 3.50lb and C2 SP 12’ 3.60lb, 12’ 3.75lb, 13’ 3.75lb.
  • High Performance Resin system – allows development of lighter blanks while still providing strength, toughness and superior playing actions.
  • Autoclave Technology for long life performance retention.
  • 1k-1k carbon outer weave from butt to top of tip
  • Century Carbon 1k-1k reelseat with Matt Black Metal hoods for lightness and latest generation inspiring looks
  • Black screen printed logos on blank
  • Sealed with custom PTFE/silicone low scratch matt finish
  • Minima Black 4 TiCH guides fitted (size 40-12 on 10’ and 12’ 3.00lb model, size 50-16 on all other 12’ and 13’ models)
  • Manufacturing pedigree immersed in World Record casting and Aerospace/Motorsport carbon composite technology
  • Blank and Rod designed and manufactured in United Kingdom



Код Дължина Либри Водач
C2 Mk2 3.00 м 3.00 lb Minima Black TiCH 40
C2 Mk2 3.00 м 3.50 lb Minima Black TiCH 40
C2 Mk2 3.65 м 3.00 lb Minima Black TiCH 40
C2 Mk2 3.65 м 3.25 lb Minima Black TiCH 50
C2 Mk2 3.65 м 3.50 lb Minima Black TiCH 50
C2 Mk2 3.96 м 3.50 lb Minima Black TiCH 50
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3.00m, 3.65m, 3.96m


3.00lb, 3.25lb, 3.50lb

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