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This compact little buzzer is as tough as old boots and we are constantly astonished by how rugged, durable and waterproof it is. We regularly hear from customers who have used TLB’s for over 10 years and never had a single problem. This is the sort of reliability that you only get with an individually handmade product like the TLB.

  • Fully compatible with the V2ATTx wireless Remote Systems (2.5mm jack size).
  • Lightweight free running roller will operate with the lightest bobbins and the roller wheel is covered which helps alleviate any issues related to open roller wheels freezing on really cold nights.
  • All electronic components are sealed within a separate compartment to the battery and output socket. The TLB is highly resistant to water and possibly the most robust buzzer on the market.
  • Sealed On/Off Switch to prolong battery life, high powered speaker unit and 10 second LED latch time.
  • Individually Hand Made in England. Each buzzer is tested before despatch.
  • Requires 1 x 23A 12V Mini Battery (supplied).
  • Height = 65mm, Width = 46mm, Depth = 36mm.
  • Supplied in a padded Protective Pouch.
  • TLB’s are available in original polished steel or matt black – both versions feature heavy gauge stainless steel face plate and roller cover (black version is powder coated).
  • TLB Bite alarms feature a milled recess designed for the fitment of Small Tritium Max Betalights (12mm x 2mm).
  • Full 1 Year ATT Warranty with a second year valid for manufacturing faults. Warranty is invalid if sealed compartments have been tampered with or damaged. Please take care not to rupture the internal seals when changing the battery.
  • For servicing and repair please send the alarms to the address on the contact page with your email, telephone number, address and issue or service required.

Colours available: Blue, Red, Purple, Green, Amber and White

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Silver, Black mat


Purple, Green, Yellow, Red, Blue, White

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